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Text Messaging Services For Dental Practice

Besides your actual dental service, today’s patients require two things to have about your services.

If your dental practice is not easily accessible to your patients, you lose them to your competitors. Today’s millennials do not often call the dentist, they want to access your services or book appointment on website or better yet send SMS/text to connect with you for your services or book appointment with you. Our platform is only platform that lets you acquire inbound text appointment, along with automated reminders and follow-ups. Our platform provides 50+ unique memorable text enabled dental branded phone numbers tied to online dental directories where local dental patients can text their Zip code to connect with local dentists, or call the phone number or even book the dental appointment on any of 50+ online directories. List your practice on all these 50+ directories with one account for FREE.

Our platform can also customize and brand your dental practice for specific dental services you provide to acquire local new dental patients. Ours platform allows one dentist per zip code exclusively, so hurry up before it is grabbed by your competition.

We are also one of the most cost-effective solution for new patient acquisition.

Our agency also provides dental web, dental SEO, dental ads, as well as dental deals and coupon distribution. We are one of the most cost-effective solution for new patient acquisition.

In this age, text messaging for dentists has become a necessity. Everyone is using text messaging more and more and expect their dentist to use texting as well. Texting for dentists is as easy a tool for reminding patients of their appointments, or to have a quick communication with patients. There is variety of dental texting service companies offering dental text in some form or other

Dental texting service if isolated may not make much sense, as it still has to integrate with other systems to pull in and feed patient contact information at the least. A unified dental office messaging system that includes dental text would be the right fit for dental office text messaging needs. is unique dental texting Service Company that not only offers texting for dentists, but it also offers texting for patients, and allows new dental patients to discover your dental practice.

Our platform uses dental branded memorable phone numbers that are text enabled and are coupled to the patients’ needs such as 1.TEETH WHITE or 1.TEETH PAINS 1.8 DENTAL 911, or 1.8 DENTISTRY or 1.8 DENTAL DOC or 1.8 DENTISTAS or 1.TEETH IN A DAY and the list goes on, we have over 100+ unique memorable phone numbers for practically every aspect of dental needs that patients have, which can be utilized to grow your dental practice.

New patients find your dental practice by just texting their 5-digit zip code to any of these 100+ dental branded numbers and reach your office if your zip code matches and you happen to be listed on our directories (even free listing). Patients can book appointment with your office right from the text message. The patients can also call one of these numbers and the system will automatically transfer the live call if the patient is from your Zip code.

The platform also offers 2-way texting, email marketing, patient reviews, reviews aggregation from other platforms, reminders, patient portals, appointment booking, before and after dental images in dentist profile, staff management, live call transfer, call tracking and so much more. You can explore the platform for free and list your dental practice to start growing your dental practice.

Get More New Patients with Memorable Phone Numbers

Get new patients and appointments by live call transfers, text appointments and web appointments all using multiple memorable phone numbers that spell patient’s needs.


2. Appointment booking by text

Patients can text their 5 digit zip code to any of the memorable phone numbers mentioned above to receive a text message with link to book appointment without any App or website login.


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